Medojevic: A wall should be erected against the mafia and smuggling, and not against the people.

Nebojša Medojević

It was quite predictable that a paranoid reaction by various structures in Montenegro will follow after my statement that, for the purpose of protecting national security and the citizens, the Army should be brought back to the border with so-called Kosovo and Albania, and that a protective wall should be built. 

My statement clearly shows that this is one of the possible efficient solutions against the smuggling gangs in Montenegro and in so-called Kosovo and Albania. This wall would be erected neither because of the Albanian nor the Montenegrin people, but exclusively against the Montenegrin and Albanian mafia, which has—backed by the corrupt and criminalised regimes in Podgorica, Pristina and Tirana—turned this border into an El Dorado for the smuggling of drugs, cigarettes, arms, chemical and biological weapons, illegal immigrants and everything that can generate a profit on the black market. 

This would be a wall against the mafia, and not against the people. 

As someone who has spent decades studying the phenomenon of the interconnections among the mafia, security services and the corrupt regimes in the region, I have no dilemma as to whether the Albanian smuggling mafia supports many political parties and politicians in Montenegro. We are talking mainly about DPS, but also about Albanian political parties and politicians. Decent and ordinary Albanians are not blind to the fact that those Albanian politicians who cooperate with DPS turn into bosses and millionaires overnight. It could be expected that they would protect the status quo and the unobstructed smuggling across this border. 

Security services in Montenegro possess relevant data about the activities of Kelmendi, Luka, the Osmani brothers on the territory of Montenegro and their connections with Thaçi, Haradinaj, Rama. If they don’t believe me, they ought to read what the Albanian opposition has to say about the crime at the top levels of government and their ties to the drug cartels. 

Montenegro, so-called Kosovo and Albania are key points on this Balkans drug route, and all major global services consider this region as a threat to the security of the EU and the US. 

Attached is one of the many schemes of drug smuggling routes in the Balkans, which clearly shows that this border is crucial. 

This is why DF advocates efficient measures aimed at stopping the smuggling and protecting vital national interests. The policy of the regimes in Montenegro, so-called Kosovo and Albania is to poison young people with drugs, and instead of education and employment, to offer them crime and smuggling. 

The return of the Army to the border, the modernisation and application of contemporary video and satellite technologies and the construction of a protective wall will pose an obstacle only to the mafia. Decent people, citizens, entrepreneurs, tourists, agricultural producers will feel safer and cross the border more often, since it will be safe and controlled by the state, and not the mafia.

Nebojsa Medojevic
Member of the Parliamentary Security and Defence Committee